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Integrated cloud-based POS software and Accounting

Simple, seamless, organization can be achieved simply by letting MasterPOS record transaction data

Income and expense tracking

Track everything, from salaries, hourly wages, and tips to unexpected costs, repairs, and more. By keeping a pulse on your business's overhead and income, you’ll never be in the dark.

With the fully integrated app and cloud-based software, you’ll be able to record and access every expense instantly.
Manage expenses by category
Record expenses with the MasterPOS app in just seconds. Use the preset categories or create your own to record by date, location, and category.
Improved financial decision making
Get instant notifications on product returns, inventory issues, and any potential issues so that you can make smart, informed decisions.
Customized retail reports
Access, export, or customize reports based on the detailed data you’ve collected via expense tracking and the sales information MasterPOS has automatically generated.

Payroll Simplified

Track hourly wages, salaries, tips, commission, performance, and more to process your employees’ pay with ease, and reward top employees.

Keep employees informed and in the loop with access to pay stubs and tax forms

Time clock & schedule
With employees able to accurately record their hours within MasterPOS, you never have to calculate paychecks again
Better tools for your team
Synchronize your team on multiple levels and encourage healthy competition with easy-to-track commission and performance reports

Chargeback & Inquiry Management

Easily manage credit card and debit card chargeback and disputes
Keep tabs on disputes, chargeback fees and pending inquiries
Resolve disputes as soon as possible with notifications that keep you informed

Track Profits

Ensure you have a 360° understanding of your business. With the ability to easily track profits and losses, you’ll optimize performance with an analysis of all your revenue streams.

A Smart Cash Drawer

Track transactions and keep an organized till drawer. All of your transactions will be automatically calculated and tracked, ensuring every penny is accounted for while your customers enjoy a smooth, professional experience.

Instant X Reports

With every aspect of your business integrated into MasterPOS’s cloud platform, you can receive instant snapshots of every location’s sales, returns, and all register activity.
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