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Cultivate lasting customer relationships with dynamic CRM tools

Study and analyze recent customer purchases and interactions.
Access an instant 360° view of a customer and respond to their needs.
Cloud-based data gives you the freedom to manage customer experiences from anywhere.
Front-end and back-end controls give your business flexibility.
Protect sensitive customer data with powerful security features.
Keep your customers coming back again and again with features that deliver a seamless experience. Flawless scheduling and appointments, birthday notifications, personalized promotions and emails, and a detailed history of the customer experience will cultivate the kind of relationship that customers can’t ignore.
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Powerful features

to Equipped with features like Google API to verify credentials and get information where you need it and fast.
Google API Address Autocomplete

Scheduling Appointments

Fast Capture: Fill in customer information with ease and efficiency. Addresses, nick names, and personalized notes on customers are easy to enter and access, will be instantly viewable in the scheduling calendar, and will help employees create a better customer experience.
Improved customer experience. With all of their data and preferences easily access by employees, customers will be delighted by the ease of doing business with your company and the level of personalization MasterPOS will allow employees to deliver.

Access customer data from anywhere

Cultivate loyalty: By giving employees the flexibility to access customer data from any device, including their cellphones, you give them the tools and information they’ll need to create experiences that will cultivate loyal customers. From highly detailed customer profiles, to identifying customers for loyalty discount programs, MasterPOS offers powerful CRM tools.
Department Synchronization: Customer relations data that is generated by employees and customer interactions are automatically synchronized across all departments with powerful cloud technology. With information and data being updated in real time, your whole organization can coordinate effectively.
Backend Automation: By integrating POS and CRM technology, MasterPOS eliminates barriers that frequently result in lost time and lowered efficiency. MasterPOS automatically integrates customer data, sales reports, and marketing lists, all data that normally must be manually shared between platforms.
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