Integrated Payments Processing

An affordable payment processor that works together with your POS to streamline business and bring simplicity to your accounting.

It’s simple and easy to start making sales with Master POS

Affordable Rates

MasterPOS will match or beat any merchant service rate, or the first month is on us.

Fast Payments

A powerful cloud-based POS service with lightning-fast payment processing

Secure Transactions

Best-in-class security features protect your customer’s data and keep your business safe

Total Profit

Features that work hard for your business

Automatic payments and POS systems integration
You’ll never have to lift a finger to record a sale. MasterPOS’s integration of merchant services and a POS system means that there’s no gap in service. Every transaction is recorded in your cloud-based account for a seamless and synchronized experience.

All-In-One Merchant Service & POS

Realtime notifications

Get customized notifications about whatever you decide is important with MasterPOS’s notifications

Lightning-fast transactions

Speed up customer’s checkout time with incredibly fast card processing and automatic sales data recording in the cloud-based POS system

Cloud-based sales freedom

Make sales from pop ups or anywhere in the store with the freedom of cloud-based software that as flexible as you need it to be

Inventory management

Never get caught off guard or out of stock. With a built-in inventory management system, you’ll always be fully stocked

Payroll simplified

Manage every facet of your business, including payroll, all from the convenience of MasterPOS’s seamless, cloud-based system

Built to scale up

MasterPOS is built to help you grow your business and manage that growth as you open new locations, hire new employees, and expand your services

Some MasterPOS customers have actually saved enough merchant fees per month, that their POS software ends up being free.

Don’t want to leave your processor or stuck in a contract? Don’t worry you can still use MasterPOS
MasterPOS saves you money

New customers report monthly savings on merchant services that actually equal the cost of their MasterPOS subscription.

So, if you are stuck in a contract or worried about the cost of switching services, know that MasterPOS is the economical choice.

An intelligent mobile POS

Improve transaction efficiency with a POS platform that’s as dynamic and flexible as you need it to be. You can make transactions on any mobile Mac or Android device by simply downloading the MasterPOS app.  

High quality transactions

From super-fast and simplified payments to automated and easy-to manage chargebacks, MasterPOS is reliable and highly effective at streamlining the sales process.

Integrated payments

Bypass the headache that comes with hours of manually recording and reconciling your sales data. MasterPOS automatically posts sales and eliminates accounting errors.

Tablets and mobile devices

Integrate the hardware you already own to expand the use of MasterPOS. With a full-function app that allows you access to all of MasterPOS’s features, you can make sales and manage your business with freedom.

Ready To Get Started?

MasterPOS’s merchant services give you the ability to integrate merchant services directly into your POS with ease. Enroll today with MasterPOS and you’ll discover just how easy it is to streamline your business by integrating your sales, merchant services, and CRM.
Powerful features that work hard for your business
With real-time notifications, access to sales history, and the ability to communicate with employees in a professional chat platform, MasterPOS will take your business to the next level.
Fast and secure payments
Competitive merchant service rates and technology that delivers fast and secure payments that protect you and your customers' personal and financial data.
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