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Inventory Alerts
Get regular or customized updates on stock when you need them. Never get caught off guard again.
Loss Management
Track returns, casualty losses, and irregular product losses that you’ll need to claim later. Accessing, recording, and calculating losses can be done in seconds from anywhere via the MasterPOS cloud.
Customer Shipments
Prepare and record customer shipments directly through the MasterPOS app from any device. Tracking information and customer data will be recorded automatically.
PO Management
Create and organize purchase orders from your suppliers when it’s time to restock.

Multiple Location Inventory Tracking

If your stock is decentralized, you can easily keep track of every location’s stock from the app.

Get a global view of inventory
Zoom in by location and analyze trends
Quickly move product from one location to another
Ensure customers always have access to their favorite products




Warehouse Management

Track inventory from anywhere and stay informed
Move product instantly by communicating with the entire company via the app
Plan ahead by creating a customized alerts when inventory dips
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